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Limerance - Artistic Immersion

Publically Interactive Exhibition

Immersive Audioscape

Computer Vision

Physics Simulation

3D Fluid Particle Simulation


Confronting Chaos Conference


Kingston, Ontario, Canada


This exhibition was commissioned by the graduate students of Queen's University's Screen Cultures program.

It was driven by the idea of confronting chaos. A concept that demands a larger-than-life exhibition. In our research phase, we decided we wanted to focus on computer-driven simulations. Specifically, we looked into the flight patterns of aviary migration within the Kingston/Frontenac regions and reflected on how we can display this in a new way.

After many iterations, we determined a three-dimensional experience driven by depth sensors and projections would be the best way to create a 270-degree immersion without the use of a headset. 

In this exhibition, visitors would be able to walk into a gallery and view a contemporary reconstruction of flocking and migration systems used by birds. When the user interupted this process by entering the room, the particles would flock randomly based on the user's movement creating an infinite amount of potential artistic representations 


Create a public interactive exhibition that uses contemporary art to confront the concept of chaos.


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