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Gooseboat - Full Service

3D Scanning

Asset Archiving

Web Implementation

Interactive Public Exhibition

Immersive Artwork


York University


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


In this project, our client aimed to create a transformative experience for museum visitors. Their primary goal was to digitize a boat for archival purposes while also developing both a web-based interaction and an in-person exhibition.

After securing a 3D scan of the watercraft, we embarked on the meticulous task of preserving it in its entirety for archival purposes. This approach is rapidly gaining traction in the gallery, museum, and archive sectors, serving as a strategy to enhance the lifespan of their collections.

Subsequently, we crafted a streamlined model for integration into an interactive online viewer, set to be a feature in the forthcoming update to the museum's website. This digital rendition enables global users to engage with and study the intricacies of the Gooseboat.

We are now approaching the culmination of our in-person exhibition designs and anticipate a public showcase this Fall.


Transform the way audeinces intertact with the Gooseboat attraction. 


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