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Interactivity Upgrade - Case Study

Art Gallery of Mississuaga 


Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada


I. Augmented Reality (AR) Odyssey
Visitors would embark on an immersive journey powered by Apple Vision Pro. As they approach an artwork, their device would unveil behind-the-scenes content, artist narratives, and deeper insights, turning each gallery visit into an interactive exploration.

II. 3D Artifact Exploration
Nordexa would transform select pieces into interactive 3D models, allowing visitors to virtually engage with artifacts, deepening their connection and understanding.

III. Digital Engagement
Virtual exhibitions would introduce AGM's collection to a global audience. These digital showcases, enriched with interactive modules, would ensure art enthusiasts worldwide can experience AGM's offerings.

IV. Event and Mobility Solutions
Integrating NFC and Apple Wallet Passes, AGM would offer tailored event suggestions, exclusive access, and loyalty rewards, making every visit a unique cultural adventure.

The Anticipated Impact

  • Revolutionized Engagement: Nordexa's solutions would lead to visitors spending more time in the gallery, forging deeper connections with exhibits.

  • Broadened Audience Base: The allure of tech-integrated experiences would attract a diverse range of visitors, especially the younger, tech-savvy generation.

  • Global Recognition: Virtual exhibitions would engage art lovers from across the globe, enhancing AGM's international reputation.

  • Event Renaissance: Personalized mobile solutions would rejuvenate AGM's event calendar, making it a hub of cultural activities.


The collaboration between Nordexa and the Art Gallery of Mississauga paints a picture of the future of art galleries. By seamlessly integrating technology with art, Nordexa would set a new standard for visitor engagement, ensuring cultural institutions remain vibrant and relevant in the digital age.

Solution (Simplified)

Amplify the visitor interactivity of the AGM and create enticing solutions for stakeholders.


The Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) stands as a testament to contemporary Canadian art, boasting a diverse collection and championing local and regional artists.

However, like many cultural institutions in today's digital era, the AGM faces challenges. Their current visitor experience includes guided tours with limited interactivity, physical exhibitions complemented by descriptive plaques, occasional workshops, artist interactions, and conventional event systems. In this context, the potential of a collaboration with Nordexa emerges, offering transformative solutions to elevate the AGM's offerings and visitor engagement



Virual Reality 

3D Asset Interaction

3D Asset Archiving

Apple Vision Pro (Reality Kit)

Digital Engagement


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